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Martha Bakerjian

Italy Travel Tip: Buying Medications in Italy

By August 25, 2007

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farmacia in italyIf you take prescription drugs, be sure to carry them with you in your carry-on luggage when flying to Italy. You should also carry a copy of your prescriptions or list of the medicines you take (the actual drug names, not the generic names) in case you need to buy them in Italy. If you need medication while traveling in Italy, head to the Farmacia, pharmacy, (not the drogheria).

While you're likely to find that your prescription drugs cost less than in the US, some over the counter medications may cost more. Recently a friend needed allergy medicine in Italy and paid about $1 per pill for the equivalent of sudafed. Another friend paid about $1 per pill for ibuprofen. So you might want to bring these with you, too, if you use them. Other medications, like aspirin, will be about the same cost as in the US.

By the way, you'll have to go to the farmacia for these medications, too. All medicines are sold only in pharmacies, although that may change soon. If you're feeling a little ill, the pharmacist may be able to give you advice, too. There are English-speaking pharmacists in most major Italian cities.

Find out more about the Italian pharmacy in the Pharmacy in Italy.

January 1, 2010 at 4:52 pm
(1) richard says:

my family went to italy on vacation with rich food we all came down with many ill ments when we went to the drug store we talked to the drugest band when we were finished we all had a total of five meds the total cost was no more than 23.00 uro’s i total the drugest that would have cost about 300.00 in the states i was also sold on how kind all the people where and that nobody is in a great hurry would live there for ever

August 31, 2011 at 11:14 pm
(2) Daft Endz says:

I was stationed in Aviano for some time. 31st MDSS USAF. After sustaining a couple injuries I had to have multiple surgeries off base in Pordonone. The standard of care was quite different. The base had told me to call them after surgery and they would bring me some oxycodone or meperidine whatever I needed. This was over EASTER yes the HOLY day. Lets just say they Italians feel very different about MORPHEINA and CODEINA even when screaming Dolare(sp.)! Dolare! Dolare!!! There was nobody on base over the holiday to bring them. I got a ton of KETROLAC and TRAMADOLO which I had to SCREAM for and I considered myself tough at the time! God Bless Italian NARCOPHOBIA!!!

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