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Amalfi Coast Map and Travel Information

amalfi coast map

Amalfi Coast Map © 2006 by James Martin

Amalfi Coast Cities

Sorrento - Sorrento is well connected to all the attractions of the Amalfi Coast and the archaeological sites of Campania, a good place to make a base for your Amalfi Coast vacation. From Sorrento you can take the ferry to Capri, the slow Circumvesuviana train to Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Naples, and bus (or drive) to the Amalfi coast. You can also make frequent trips by hydrfoil from Sorrento to Capri, Naples, Ischia, Amalfi, and Positano. For travel information see Sorrento Visitors Guide and for hotel recommendations, check Top Rated Sorrento Hotels.

Capri - Famous for the Blue Grotto, the small and charming island of Capri has but two towns, Capri and Anacapri. You can get each around on foot and take a bus between them. There are frequent boats from Sorrento and Naples. Read more about Capri in our Capri Travel Guide and see photos in our Capri Picture Gallery

Vesuvius - Yes, you can do it via public transportation. See Bay of Naples Trips. Europe Travel's Mount Vesuvius Visitor Information has photos and a information about walking the volcano.

Positano - Positano made the transition from sleepy fishing villages into one of Italy's most popular resort towns. You've seen it in "The Talented Mr. Ripley." Built into the steep seaside slope, it offers amazing views, especially if you walk or take the bus to the top. The tourist office is at Via del Saracino 4 (tel. 089-875067). For more information and hotel recommendations, see Positano Visitors Guide. See James Martin's Positano Picture Gallery on Europe Travel.

Amalfi - Amalfi was a very powerful town and the first Sea Republic in Italy, later joined by Pisa, Venice and Genova. Amalfi is now a peaceful resort town with great views, of course. Students of history may want to be based here. For more information and hotel recommendations, see Amalfi Visitors Guide and take a look at the town with our Amalfi Pictures.

Ravello - Less glitzy than Positano. Eat at Cumpa Cosimo near the Cathedral square for an entertaining meal.

Praiano - An ancient fishing village turned into a prestigious seaside resort; where have we heard that before? More "spread out" than the other villages, see the church dedicated to St. Luke, the Chiesa di San Luca Evangelista, containing relics of the saint.

Furore - A little village of 800 that wasn't much of a tourist destination until the mayor decided to have folks paint the place up nice and it became 'il Paese Dipinto'; the painted village. Lots of walks start from Furore. Good wine.

For General information on the Amalfi Coast, see: Amalfi Coast Travel and Tourism Information.

Amalfi Coast Hotels

The Amalfi Coast is a popular vacation destination and hotels may fill up, especially in summer, so it's a good idea to book ahead. There are many charming and romantic hotels along the coast, but Sorrento and the area around it has the largest number of hotels. Here are the top guest rated Amalfi Coast hotels and top guest rated Capri Island hotels on Venere (book direct).

Shopping in the Amalfi Coast

Anything lemon. This of course means Limoncello, the lemon drink bars usually keep in the freezer in the summer. True Limoncello, our Italian Cuisine site informs us, is produced in "Sorrento, from lemons whose trees overlook the Mediterranean."

Ceramics are also very popular purchases around the Amalfi coast.

Further Afield

Several interesting destinations can easily be visited from the Amalfi Coast, including Pompeii and Naples. For information about where to go, see Amalfi Coast Day Trips.

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