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Distance between Major Cities in Sardinia

Need to drive between the major cities shown on our Sardinia Map? Select a starting city and a destination city and our Sardinia Distance Calculator will calculate the distance between the two.

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Destination City:
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sardinia distances map
Italy Distance Map © 2006 by James Martin, Europe for Visitors, licensed to About

Our Sardinia map shows the major cities of Sardinia. The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari, in the south. Cagliari, Alghero, and Olbia/Costa Smeralda have airports (The popular tourist resort area of the 40 km long Costa Smeralda, or emerald coast, is shaded in green in northeast Sardinia on our map).

Ferries call at Porto Torres, Olbia and Cagliari from mainland Italy. Ferries will take you to the smaller islands off the coast of Sardinia.

Sardinia has a few major train lines, and some private, narrow-gauge trains. Trains are slow in Sardinia, but let you see the landscape well. A Sardinian friend tells me that in the Barbagia region around the Nuoro area, bandits used to rob the trains, mounting them on foot as they passed by. Sardinia is served by a fairly large system of buses as well. Macomer has been included on the map, not because it's an interesting place, but because it is a major transfer point of the transportation services in Sardinia.

Well-heeled visitors flock to the expensive Costa Smeralda, but the far less expensive mainland is full of archaeological remains from the indigenous island culture. See our Sardinia resources below for more on planning a trip to Sardinia.

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