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Piemonte Map - Travel Map of Italy's Piemonte Region

piemonte map piedmont region italy

Piemonte Map - Travel Map of the Piedmont Region in Italy
Map © 2006 by James Martin, Europe for Visitors

Piemonte Map

The map shows the Piemonte region of Italy, sometimes called Piedmont in English. The major tourist destinations are in shown in green, while 2006 winter Olympic venues are in Orange. From Torino (Turin) to Pragelato, it is about 55km.

Piemonte Resources - Wine and Food

Much of Italy's best wines are found in the Piemonte region. The area around Alba incorporates Barolo, Barbaresco, and Roero while the province of Asti is known for Dolcetto, Barbera, and Moscato. This wine area, with beautiful rolling hills topped by picturesque towns, is known as Langhe. This part of Piemonte is also famous for its aromatic white truffles found in fall. There are several truffle fairs and many restaurants serve truffles during the autumn truffle season.

Over 160 different cheeses are found in the Piemonte, and the Piemonte is home to some of Italy's best restaurants. See the Food and Wine of the Piemonte for an introduction to Piemonte's fine cuisine.

Torino or Turin

Turin, the capital of the Piemonte Region, has much to offer to the traveler, from its Baroque cafes and architecture to its elegant shops and museums, which include the famed Egyptian Museum and the Shroud of Turin. You'll find visiting information in our Turin Travel Guide.

Just outside Torino, you can visit the beautiful Baroque Savoy Palace and gardens at La Venaria Reale.

Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Venues

Torino mountain resorts used in the Winter Olympics are rendered in Orange on our Map. For ski information, see Ski Piemonte.

Pinerolo and Pragelato are in the scenic Val Chisone, an alpine area less crowded by tourists. See our Val Chisone Pictures, including a detailed map of the area and recommended place to stay.

Other Towns in the Piemonte

Cuneo is a provincial capital worth a few days. Beautiful arcades of this 12th century town give it an elegant appearance. You can use Cuneo as a base for excursions into the mountains. Cuneo Travel Guide

Ivrea is about an hour's train ride north of Torino. The famous carnevale di Ivrea involves lots of orange throwing, parades, and food (Ivrea Carnevale Pictures).

Vercelli is known for its rice and the frogs that are attracted to the rice fields. A food fair dedicated to frog meat, Sagra della Rana, is held the first week in September.

Bra is home to the Slow Food movement.

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