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Tuscany Rail Map and Distances between Major Cities and Tourist Destinations in Tuscany

The Tuscany Rail Map shows most of the train lines between major cities in Tuscany, along with bus routes where needed to get to smaller cities. Below the rail map is a distance calculator to use to find the distances between the major cities and tourist destinations of Tuscany.

tuscany rail map
Italy Distance Map © 2006 by James Martin, Europe Travel

Starting City:
Destination City:
Distance (kilometers):
Distance (Miles):

Using the Tuscany Rail Map and Distance Calculator

The darker green lines on the map indicate major rail lines with frequent trains. The thinner lines indicate rail lines with less frequent transportation and slower trains. Destinations with an asterisk (*) by them indicate that the train station is not in the city center; a bus ride may be required to get into the city. Dashed lines indicate bus connections to cities without a train station nearby. The larger cities on the map are entered into our distance calculator; use the drop down boxes to find the approximate distance between major cities and airports in Tuscany.

Trains in Italy are less expensive than you'll find in most other countries of Europe.

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Rail Connections Outside Tuscany

From Florence, estimated rail times to larger cities outside Tuscany:

  • Venice, Italy 2-3 hours
  • Rome, Italy 1.5-2 hours
  • Genoa, Italy 3-4 hours
  • Milan, Italy 2-4 hours
  • Innsbruck, Austria 6-8 hours
  • Paris, France 11-15 hours

Ports in Tuscany - Ferries to the Islands

From Piombino you can get ferries to Elba Island. From Livorno you can get ferries to Corsica (maps) and Sardinia (map).

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