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Centro Storico - The Historical Center of an Italian City - Italy Travel
Definition: The Centro Storico is the historical center of an Italian city. Here's where you want to spend lots of time, since the outskirts of modern Italian cities are ...
Basic Italian Words Travelers Should Know - Italy Travel Glossary
Definition of the Itlian word biglietteria, where you can buy a biglietto. Share ... Definition of Centro Storico and what it means to the traveller to Italy. Share.
What Is the Italian Custom of Passeggiata All About? - Italy Travel
Definition: As evening falls and the harsh sun inches out of the your favorite ... old town, usually in the pedestrian zones in the centro storico, the historic center.
Easter in Italy - Italian Easter Traditions - Easter Customs in Italy
A huge explosion will be detonated Easter Sunday in front of the magnificent green– and white–marbled neogothic church in Florence's centro storico . Instead ...
Cooking the Roman Way - Italian Food - About.com
... and if you take a walk through the Centro Storico you will find many families that have done the same, enjoying their meal in the evening breeze or talking as  ...
Sicilian - Italian Language - About.com
Sicilian (U Sicilianu in Sicilian and Siciliana in Italian) is a Romance language spoken in Sicily and parts of southern Italy. Alternate names include ...

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