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What Is a Sciopero in Italy? - Italy Travel - About.com
When traveling in Italy, you may see the Italian word sciopero. We define the Italian sciopero.
Basic Italian Words Travelers Should Know - Italy Travel Glossary
Autostrada - What is an Italian Autostrada? Autostrada is a basic ... Centro Storico · Definition of Centro Storico and what it means to the traveller to Italy. Share.
Biglietteria - What does Biglietteria Mean in Italian? - Italy Travel
Italian Biglietteria - ticket window where you buy biglietti, or a single biglietto. Martha Bakerjian. Definition: At a Biglietteria, you may buy biglietti (or, if you're alone--un biglietto). A Biglietteria ... Sciopero · Tabacchi · ...

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