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Top Ten Cathedrals to Visit in Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Here are the top ten cathedrals to visit while in Italy. Find out about art works and what to see in the best Italian cathedrals.
Naples Historic Center Walk - Cathedral or Duomo of Naples Italy
A look at duomo of Naples, Italy. Self-guided walking tour to Naples Cathedral in Naples, Italy. What to see in Naples historic center.
Pictures of Italian Cities from Towers and Cathedrals - Italy Travel
Get a bird's eye view of Italian cities with these pictures taken from atop clock towers and cathedrals. See views of Venice, Florence, Milan, and more places in  ...
Pisa Cathedral - Pisa, Italy - Sacred Destinations
Begun in 1093, Pisa Cathedral (Duomo di Pisa) is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture. Despite its proximity to the eye-catching and tourist-attracting ...
Top Churches to Visit in Rome, Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
San Giovanni, Saint John, is Rome's cathedral and the first church of the popes, from the fourth century until the papacy moved to France in 1309. The pope's ...
How to Visit the Cathedral or Duomo in Florence, Italy - Italy Travel
Florence's Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Il Duomo) is the icon of the city and one of the most recognizable symbols of Renaissance architecture.
History of the Duomo in Florence, Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Florence's cathedral or Duomo is the city's symbol and a popular visitor attraction. Find out about the fascinating history of il duomo in Florence, Italy.
Brescia Cathedral Photo - Italy Travel Photos of the Week
Here's a photo of Brescia's Baroque cathedral and old cathedral in our picture gallery of 2010 Italy Travel weekly photos. Brescia's Baroque cathedral was built  ...
Orvieto Cathedral Pictures | Piazza Duomo | Orvieto, Italy
Pictures of Orvieto Cathedral and the Piazza Duomo in Orvieto, Italy. By James Martin · Europe Travel Expert. Share this. Send to a Friend via Email. Recipient's  ...
Top Tourist Attractions in Milan, Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Here are top tourist attractions and things to do in Milan, Italy. Find out what to do and ... Milan's Duomo, or Cathedral, is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.
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