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Carnevale in Italy - Italian Carnival Traditions and Festivals
Carnevale or carnival is celebrated in Italy and around the world 40 days before Easter. Find out about Italian carnevale traditions, dates, and events.
Photos of Carnival Parade in Viareggio Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Photos of the Carnival Parade in Viareggio, Italy. Viareggio is known for its huge carnevale parades with paper mache floats as you see in these pictures.
When Is Carnevale in Italy in 2014 - 2020? - Italy Travel - About.com
also known as carnival or mardi gras , is celebrated in Italy and many places around the world 40 days before Easter, a final party before Ash Wednesday and  ...
Italian Carnevale - Carnival Festivals in Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Carnevale is a huge festival celebrated in many parts of Italy 40 days before Easter on Shrove Tuesday. Many festivals last for about 2 weeks prior to the actual ...
A Carnevale Ogni Scherzo Vale! Carnevale in Italy Italian Carnival
How do Italians prepare for 40 days of self-inflicted deprivation? Throw a party that lasts for weeks! Anything goes during carnival time in Italy.
Tips for Going to Carnevale in Venice, Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Venice Carnevale is Italy's top carnival or mardi gras celebration. Carnevale season lasts several weeks, culminating on the day of Carnival or Shrove Tuesday.
Venice Carnevale Costume Pictures - Italy Travel - About.com
These pictures of Carnevale costumes and masks were taken during Carnival season in Venice, Italy. Venice holds the best Carnevale festivals in Italy and is ...
Carnevale! - Italian Food - About.com
According to le Monnier's Dictionary of the Italian Language, Carnevale ... A spectacular, sumptuous Neapolitan Carnival dish that will stun your guests and take ...
Italy Carnevale Pictures - Photos of Italian Carnival Festivals ...
Carnevale, mardi gras or carnival, is celebrated all over Italy. Here you'll find pages with pictures of Italian Carnevale festivals including Venice and Ivrea.
Ivrea Carnival Pictures - Red Hats - berretto frigio - for ... - Italy Travel
The Carnevale di Ivrea, or Ivrea Carnival, includes an orange throwing contest that tourists can get involved in, or not. Carnival pictures from Ivrea, Italy.
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