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Northern Italy UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Cities - Italy Travel
Northern Italy's world heritage sites include historic cities, natural beauty, art, and archaeological sites. Find good places to go in Northern Italy.
Best Places to Go in Northern Italy's Veneto Region - Italy Travel
Find the best places to go in northern Italy's Veneto region. Here are top travel cities and towns in Italy's Veneto region beyond Venice.
Italy Train Travel Itinerary - Milan and Lakes to Venice
A suggested travel itinerary of northern Italy from Milan and to Venice with stops in Lakes region, Brescia, Vicenza, Verona, and Padua.
Northern Regional Cuisines - Italian Food - About.com
Northern Italy differs from the rest of the Peninsula in a number of ways. Most traditional North Italian recipes call for unsalted butter rather than olive oil, and ...
Lombardy and the Northern Italy Lakes Region - Lago di Como ...
Northern Italy's Lakes District, between Milan and the Alps, is a popular travel destination. Here you will find travel and tourism information for Lakes Como, ...
Piemonte Map - Travel Map of Italy's Piemonte Region - Italy Travel
Map of the Piemonte region. Piemonte map showing towns to visit and Olympic venues in the Piemonte (Piedmont) region of Italy.
Top Lakes in Italy - Best Italian Lakes to Visit - Italy Travel - About.com
Find where to go for a lake vacation in Italy with these top Italian lakes. ... Lake Como is in the northern Italian Lakes District between Milan and Switzerland.
Top Ten Cities to Visit in Italy
Here are our picks for the ten best Italian cities to see on your travels. ... It's the fourth most visited city in Italy and well worth a stop on a northern Italy travel ...
Italy Lake Region Maps
Northern Italy's lake region, mainly in the Lombardy region of Italy, is famous for villas, vacations, and escaping the heat on summer weekends. Maps of cities ...
Northern Renaissance Art (ca 1325-1600) - About.com
When we talk about the Northern Renaissance, what we actually mean is " Renaissance happenings that occurred within Europe, but outside of Italy." Because ...
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