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Central Italy UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Cities - Italy Travel
Italy has 50 UNESCO world heritage sites (as of 2014) with 14 in central Italy from Rome through Tuscany. Many of these sites are historic centers of Medieval  ...
Northern Italy UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Cities - Italy Travel
Northern Italy's world heritage sites include historic cities, natural beauty, art, and archaeological sites. Find good places to go in Northern Italy.
Southern Italy UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Italy Travel - About.com
Southern Italy's world heritage sites include places in Naples, Amalfi Coast, Matera, and Puglia. Here are the UNESCO sites in southern Italy.
An Overview of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
... program to preserve cultural sites around the world. An overview of the World Heritage Sites and program from the About.com expert Geography GuideSite.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico - Mexico Travel - About.com
Mexico has 27 cultural and 5 natural sites included in UNESCO's list of Heritage of Humanity sites that are considered to be of outstanding universal value.
Ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia
Explore these 10 notable cultural and historical structures named World Heritage Sites by UNESCO that best encapsulates Southeast Asia's past and worldview.
South America's Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Around the world, areas with cultural and natural significance have been named UNESCO sites. The aim is to encourage regions to preserve and protect while ...
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Central America
A UNESCO World Heritage Site is defined as a place (like a national park, city, natural attraction or ancient ruin) that has been designated by the United Nations  ...
Sicily and Sardinia UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Italy Travel
UNESCO world heritage sites on Sicily and Sardinia. Italy has 44 UNESCO world heritage sites with six on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Archaeology sites ...
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the United States
UNESCO designates World Heritage Sites as landscapes and cultural attractions that are of importance to the world. Here are the UNESCO World Heritage ...
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