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What Is a Sciopero in Italy? - Italy Travel - About.com
When traveling in Italy, you may see the Italian word sciopero. We define the Italian sciopero.
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Italian for travelers to Italy. Basic Italian words and phrases you should learn before traveling to Italy. Italian words and phrases to help you get by when you ...
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A Biglietteria (la biglietteria) is a Ticket Office or Ticket Window in Italy. Generally, if you see ... Sciopero · Tabacchi · More Italian Travel Words · Italy Train Travel ...
Italy Pictures - Europe Travel - About.com
Page 2 on index of Italy pictures on Europe for Visitors from Tuscany's ... so watch for signs stating "sciopero", the Italian word for strike, or for signs of me, ...
Map of Italy | Best Italian Cities to Visit - Europe Travel - About.com
If you only learn one word of Italian, let it be this one: sciopero. Pronounced "SHO -per-o" it means "strike." Labor issues in Italy are often pushed into the public ...

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