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When traveling in Italy, you may see the Italian word sciopero. We define the Italian sciopero.
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Basic Italian words from our Italian Travel Glossary. Know these basic Italian words and you'll have more fun on your vacation!
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A Biglietteria (la biglietteria) is a Ticket Office or Ticket Window in Italy. Generally, if you see ... Sciopero · Tabacchi · More Italian Travel Words · Italy Train Travel ...
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Some parts of the world, such as Egypt, Greece, Spain and Italy, are known for ... Travel Warnings, Alerts and Advisories · Sciopero in Italy - What is a sciopero?
Italy Pictures - Europe Travel - About.com
Beware that I've been there twice and both times there has been a strike of funiculare personel, so watch for signs stating "sciopero", the Italian word for strike, ...
Italy Train Travel - Italian Railroads Guide - Luxury Travel - About.com
Taking railroad trains in Italy is the way to finesse your Italian vacation travel. ... Strikes (scioperi) are announced in advance. They're listed online, and it's not a ...
Map of Italy | Best Italian Cities to Visit - Europe Travel - About.com
If you only learn one word of Italian, let it be this one: sciopero. Pronounced "SHO -per-o" it means "strike." Labor issues in Italy are often pushed into the public ...

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