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Top Places to Visit in Southern Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Find out about five top places to visit in Southern Italy. Here are Italy's most popular places to go for a vacation, from Naples south.
Southern Italy UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Italy Travel - About.com
Italy's world heritage sites in southern Italy including Naples, Amalfi Coast, matera, and alberobello. Italy has 44 UNESCO world heritage sites including historic ...
Southern Italy Cooking Classes and Culinary Vacations - Italy Travel
Here you'll find listings for cooking classes, ranging from half-day to week-long courses, and culinary excursions in southern Italian regions including Amalfi ...
Southern Italian Cuisines - Italian Food - About.com
Southern Italy is a land of contrasts; on the one hand it is the poorest section of Italy, and in the past much of the population subsisted on an almost exclusively ...
Southern Italy's Top City to Visit - Italy Travel - About.com
Find out about Naples, the top city to visit in southern Italy.
Beaches and Seaside Towns of Calabria, Southern Italy
Find out what to expect at Italian beaches with these Tips for Going to the Beach ... About 3 miles (5 km) south of Palmi is the Monte Sant'Elia (the first peak of the  ...
Salento Peninsula and Alberobello in Puglia, southern Italy
The unique trulli of Puglia are one of southern Italy's most unusual sights. Trulli are concentrated in and around Alberobello and the town's trulli zone has been ...
What to See and Where to Go in Italy - Italy Travel - About.com
Although not as popular with tourists as central and northern Italy, southern Italy has many charming and unusual towns. Here are top Southern Italy travel ...
Bari Travel Guide - Puglia City in Southern Italy
Find travel and tourist information for Bari, Italy. Find out what to see and do in Bari, a city on the coast in southern Italy's Puglia region.
Top Places to Go in Puglia - Italy Travel
Puglia, the heel of Italy's boot, has many fascinating sights. Find out about the top places to go on a visit to Puglia in southern Italy.
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