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Top Sights and Tourist Attractions in Verona, Italy
Here's what to see and do in Verona, known for its Roman arena and Romeo and Juliet. Find visiting information and top attractions for Verona, Italy.
Verona Photos - Photos of Attractions in Verona Italy
Photos of Verona, Italy. See photos of tourist attractions in Verona. Take a virtual tour of Verona with our photos of Roman Arena, Juliet's balcony, and squares in ...
How to Buy and Use the Verona Card for Attractions - Italy Travel
Verona card, good for one or three days, includes admission to top tourist attractions in Verona. Save money in Verona with a Verona card. Here's more about ...
Verona Italy Travel Guide - Europe Travel - About.com
Verona Italy travel guide with information on the Roman arena, the old marketplace and, of course, Juliet's balcony, as well as recommendations on where to ...
Where to Stay in Verona Italy - Top Rated Hotels - Italy Travel
Find top rated hotels in Verona, Italy. Here's where to stay in Verona's best hotels. Read reviews, check prices and book top hotels in Verona, Italy.
Verona Photos - Photo of Juliet's Balcony and House in Verona Italy
Photos of Verona, Italy. Picture of Juliet's House and Balcony in Verona. Statue of Juliet photo. Juliet's balcony photo.
Verona Photos - Photo of Fountain in Piazza delle Erbe Verona Italy
Piazza delle Erbe is on the site of the Roman forum and was Verona's market square. In the center of the square is a 14th century fountain with a Roman statue .
Verona Roman Arena Photos - Photo of Piazza Bra and ... - Italy Travel
Photos of Roman Arena in Verona, Italy. Verona Roman Arena Photo. Picture of Roman Arena and Piazza Bra in Verona.
Verona Photos - Italy Travel - About.com
Photos of Roman Arena in Verona, Italy. Verona Roman Arena Picture. Photo of Roman Arena and Horse in Verona, Italy.
Verona Italy Pictures - Views from the Torre dei Lamberti
Lamberti tower is the focal point for Verona's Piazza delle Erbe, the fruit and vegetable market built on the site of the Roman forum. It is the center of medieval  ...
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