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Rome Events in February

What's On in Rome in February


Here are the festivals and events that happen each February in Rome.

As Early as February 3 - Carnevale and beginning of Lent. Carnevale and Lent can be one of the most exciting times to be in Rome, as both the pre-Lenten festivities (Carnevale) and the religious processions, which begin on Ash Wednesday, are part of the tradition in capital and the Vatican City. Carnevale events in Rome start 10 days before the actual Carnevale date, with many events taking place in Piazza del Popolo. Learn more about upcoming dates for Carnevale and how Carnevale is celebrated in Italy.

February 14 - Valentine's Day (Festa di San Valentino). Only in recent years has Italy begun to celebrate the feast day of Saint Valentine with hearts, love letters, and romantic candlelight dinners. Some museums and attractions offer admission for couples for the price of a single admission.

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