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Rome in January

What's On in Rome in January


Here are the festivals and events that happen each January in Rome.

January 1 - New Year's Day. New Year's Day is a national holiday in Italy. Most shops, museums, restaurants, and other services will be closed so that Romans can recover from New Year's Eve Festivities.

January 6 - Epiphany and Befana. A national holiday, Epiphany is officially the 12th day of Christmas and one on which Italian children celebrate the arrival of La Befana, a good witch. If you want to buy a Befana doll, head to Piazza Navona Christmas market, where you'll see lots of them on display. Read more about La Befana and Epiphany in Italy. In Vatican City a procession of hundreds of people dressed in medieval costume walk along the wide avenue leading up to the Vatican, carrying symbolic gifts for the Pope who says a morning mass in Saint Peter's Basilica for Epiphany. Many churches perform living nativities for Epiphany and presepi, nativity scenes, are still on display too.

January 17 - Saint Anthony's Day (Festa di San Antonio Abate). The Feast Day of Saint Anthony Abbott celebrates the patron saint of butchers, domestic animals, basketmakers, and gravediggers. In Rome, this feast day is celebrated at the church of Sant'Antonio Abate on the Esquiline Hill and the traditional "Blessing of the Beasts" that accompanies this day takes place in the nearby Piazza Sant'Eusebio.

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