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Agriturismo Accommodations in Italy

Where to Stay in an Agriturismo or Italian Holiday Farm


Agriturismo, farm house holiday accommodations, can be found in many parts of Italy and are popular with those traveling by car. Agriturismo is a great lodging option for families or groups of friends traveling together and accommodations can range from rustic to luxurious. Most farm houses offer either bed and breakfast or self-catering apartments and some have a swimming pool, restaurant, cooking classes, or other special ammenities.

Use this guide to find top agriturismo, masseria (southern Italy), or farm house accommodations in Italy.

Tuscany Top-Rated Agriturismo Farms

Tuscany is one of the top regions for agriturismo lodging and offers a wide range of choices. Tuscany's varied countryside provides many picturesque settings. Here are 10 top-rated farm houses in Tuscany that offer agriturismo.

Visiting Tuscany:

Umbria Top-Rated Agriturismo Farms

Umbria, the central Italian region often called Italy's Green Heart, also offers plenty of scenic countryside and a variety of agriturismo options. On this guide you'll find top-rated agriturismo farm lodging in Umbria.

Visiting Umbria:

Puglia Masseria Lodging

Puglia, the southern Italian region often called the heel of the boot, has masseria or country house accommodations on a working farm, often producing their own wine or olive oil. I've stayed in, eaten at, or visited each of these farms offering masseria lodging in southern Puglia.

Visiting Puglia:

Sicily Top-Rated Agriturismo Farms

Agriturismo lodging is available throughout the countryside of Sicily. Many farms on Sicily grow citrus and other fruit, olives, or grapes. Here's a selection of top-rated farm accommodations in various parts of the island.

Visiting Sicily:

Lazio Agriturismo in the Countryside Near Rome

Lazio is the region surrounding Rome. For those wishing to stay in the countryside rather than the city, staying in an agriturismo in the countryside of Lazio can be a good choice.

Lazio Region:

Veneto Agriturismo Farm Houses

People often overlook the countryside of the Veneto when they visit Venice, but the Veneto region of northern Italy is very scenic and offers good opportunity for staying in an agriturismo or farm house. Here are top-rated farm house accommodations in the Veneto.

Veneto Travel:

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