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Trulli Hotels, Apartments, and Bed and Breakfasts near Alberobello

Where to Stay in Trulli


Here's where to stay in trulli, the unique conical structures found around Alberobello, Italy. The trulli zone of Alberobello is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fascinating place to visit. For more about trulli (singular trullo) and Alberobello, see Alberobello Trulli Pictures. The location of the trulli valley around Alberobello is shaded on our Puglia Map.
Note: Trulli have been modernized but are generally fairly small inside so don't expect spacious living quarters.

Grand Hotel La Chiusa di Chietri

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Grand Hotel La Chiusa di Chietri is about 4 km outside Alberobello. It's a large hotel with beautiful grounds, swimming pool, and a trulli village where you can stay in a trullo (be sure to book a trullo as the hotel itself has regular rooms). The hotel has a restaurant and parking lot. I stayed in one of the trulli and it was nicely restored and quiet.

Relais Masseria Rosa

Relais Masseria Rosa is a serviced apartment complex where you can stay in a typical trullo style apartment. It's centered around a masseria, or manor house typical of the area, and is 3 km from Alberobello. The complex has a swimming pool, barbecue area, parking, bike rentals, and garden. The five trulli have kitchenettes and air conditioning.

Trulli Holiday Residence

Trulli Holiday residence offers serviced trulli apartments in the center of Alberobello. Apartments have kitchenettes and pets are accepted. Discounts are offered at nearby restaurants.

Vacanza in Puglia Bed and Breakfast

Vacanza in Puglia Bed and Breakfast is a trulli apartment complex in Alberobello. Each of the four trulli has a fireplace, kitchen facilities, and garden area. There are a swimming pool, parking, and laundry facilities on the property.

Hotel Trullidea

Hotel Trullidea has 25 trulli apartments in the old section of Alberobello or in the countryside 1 km from town. Trulli can accommodate 2, 4, or 6 people and have a kitchenette. Some have fireplaces and small garden area. The hotel has a restaurant and offers cooking courses.


Agritrulli is 6 km from Martina Franca, between Alberobello and white town of Ostuni. The property has apartments in restored 18th century trulli or small houses. The owner lives in one of the trulli on the property so is there to assist guests. Trulli are 2-3 rooms including a kitchenette and fire place. Guests can use the bowling green, table tennis, hammocks, sheltered area for dogs, washing machine and wood-fired oven for homemade pizza and bread.
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