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Amalfi lacks to the dramatic first-look that the houses stacked slong the coast in Positano give you--but Amalfi was a world class sea power between the 7th and 11th centuries, and this military and trading power is reflected in its architecture, especially in the Duomo di Sant' Andrea, which is a dramatic, 62 step climb out of Amalfi's main piazza. Chiostro del Paradiso, the Cloister of Paradise, was built in 1266 and is an architectural treasure.

Amalfi's beauty is internal, like the cloister. From the narrow stairways off the main street, to the architectual styles that imcorporate details brought from around the world, Amalfi is a place to wander--and perhaps to stay in for a few days. Ravello and Positano are close by, and can be done as day trips from Amalfi.

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amalfi duomo picturePicture of Amalfi's Duomo - Amalfi Duomo di Sant' Andrearomanesque columnPicture of a once-painted column in the Romanesque basilica of Amalficrypt of saint andrew pictureAmalfi Duomo Detail, Crypt of Saint Andrewcrypt of st andrew picturePicture of the decorated ceiling of the Crypt of St. Andrew
amalfi duomo interior picturePicture of the interior of the Duomo di Sant' Andrewamalfi mother-of-pearl cross picturePicture of the Mother-of-Pearl Cross pointed out by a guide.amalfi cross pictureDetail picture of a mother of pearl cross inside the Amalfi Duomogelato picture, amalfi picturePicture of people eating gelato in the main piazza of Amalfi
amalfi shopping picturePicture of women shopping in Amalfiamalfi picturePicture of an Amalfi Window showing eastern influencesamalfi picture, stairway picturePicture of a typical whitewashed staircase in Amalfiamalfi picturePicture of a tile mural on a wall in Amalfi - sea creatures at play
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