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Where to Shop in Assisi


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Speciality Shops and Artisan Boutiques in Assisi
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Il Tapiro in Assisi

Rebecca Winke

The hill town of Assisi, known for the Basilica of Saint Francis, is one of the top places to go in Umbria. Rebecca Winke, proprietor of Brigolante Guest Apartments near Assisi, gives us an inside look at where to shop in Assisi.

Assisi is, unfortunately, a bit overrun with chaotic souvenir shops. Hawking religious knick knacks of dubious quality and taste, these stores are clustered around the hill town’s main streets and churches, so at first glance it’s easy to miss the town’s numerous unique specialty shops and artisan boutiques. Here visitors can find one-of-a-kind keepsakes, worthy of the memory of their visit to this unique and beautiful Umbrian town.

Art Stores:

Artestampa, Via S Francesco, 10c
At Artestampa you can choose from a variety of handmade woodcut prints depicting Assisi’s iconic churches and pretty alleyways, as a more charming alternative to the mass-printed posters sold elsewhere.

Galleria d’Arte San Francesco, Via Fortini 10a/b
Though this antique shop specializes in large pieces of furniture and artworks, they also carry a few small items--including antique prints and majolica tiles—which are fabulous. The proprietor, Claudio, is affable and knowledgeable, and the space full of beautiful, unique pieces.

Minigallery, Via Portica 26
Minigallery has a unique selection of local contemporary art, for those looking for something beautiful yet offbeat. Stop in the gallery to have a look and a chat with Stefano, the friendly curator.

Fashion and Accessories:

Studio Assisi, Via Fortini 7
A tiny boutique crammed with scarves, purses, hats, jewelry, and some home accessories, most in bright hues and eye-catching prints. 

Il Tapiro, Via San Francesco
Mauro’s leather workshop offers hand-sewn shoes and belts,  purses and wallets, and a few jackets. Though Florence is the best city to purchase leather, this shop’s price and quality makes it a close second.

Food and Wine Shops:

Bibenda, Via San Gabriele dell’Addolorata 9
Tucked into a tiny alley off Assisi’s Piazza delle Erbe, this chic but cosy wine bar is a perfect place to stop for a tasting of Umbrian and Italian wines (accompanied by local charcuterie and cheeses) and then stock up on your favorite bottles to carry home (or have shipped). Nila, the owner and sommalier, is both welcoming and more than willing to guide you in making your selections. 

Terra Umbra Antica, Via Patrono d’Italia 10/a
This gourmet shop is in Santa Maria degli Angeli (in the valley directly below the historic center of Assisi), but it is worth the pilgrimage if you are passionate about food and wine. Incredibly well-stocked with olive oil, truffles, cheeses and charcuterie, honey and preserves, and just about anything else Umbria has to offer, Barbara, the proprietor, can also arrange to ship your purchases home.

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