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Benevento Pictures: Top Sights in Benevento, Italy

Historic Town in Southern Italy's Campania Region


Benevento is a historic town in the region of Campania, 50 km inland from Naples. It was a base for Roman expansion in southern Italy and an important stop on the Appian Way, the ancient Roman road connecting the west and east coasts. After being sacked in 452, Benevento was ruled by the Lombards (or Longobards) and Byzantines, and finally by the Pope who ruled the town for 800 years.

Benevento, in a beautiful setting in the hills, is a pleasant place to visit, a good break from the heavily touristed areas near Naples and the Amalfi Coast and a chance to experience the feel of a southern Italian town. There's a wide pedestrian street with cafes where you can sit outside, several Roman monuments, churches, a sculpture garden, and a good theater with cultural events.

Enjoy our pictures of Benevento from Roman times to modern. Click on a picture to see it larger and find out more about it.

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benevento pictures, arch of trajan, benevento roman arch picturePicture of the Roman arch in Benevento - Trajan's Archbenevento pictures, trajan's arch, roman arch, roman sitesPicture of Roman Archbenevento pictures, roman mask picturePicture of a Roman mask in BeneventoBenevento Pictures, benevento castle picture, rocca dei rettori picturePicture of Benevento's Castle - Rocca dei Rettori
benevento pictures, santa sofia church, benevento obeliskPicture of Santa Sofia Church in Beneventobenevento pictures, santa sofia church picturesPicture of Fresco in Santa Sofia Church in Beneventobenevento pictures, benevento bell tower picturePicture of Benevento's Bell TowerPicture of a courtyard in the medieval section of Benevento
benevento picturesPicture of pedestrian street in Beneventobenevento pictures, locanda delle streghe beneventoPicture of La Locanda delle Streghe in Beneventobenevento pictures, strega candy, benevento candyPicture of Strega candy from Beneventobenevento pictures, mimmo paladino sculptures, benevento gardensPicture of Mimmo Paladino sculpture in Hortus Conclusus
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