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Pictures of Northern Calabria

See the Treasures of the Calabrian Peninsula thorugh our pictures


While Calabria isn't exactly the last frontier, very few people seem to go there. The region is fascinating, and if you've enjoyed the frequently traveled parts of Italy, I highly recommend Calabria.

The pictures here represent the northeastern part of Calabria, between the eastern fringes of the Pollino National Park and the Ionian sea. The history of the area comes alive with Saracen, Roman and Greek ruins. Near the National Park Albanians have carved out a place in the landscape from their migrations here starting in the 1400s.

Join us for a short virtual tour of northern Calabria. You'll agree that Calabria isn't Tuscany, but it has an awful lot going for it, including clean beaches and rugged mountains. Calabria is narrow, so the mountains are never more than abourt 40 km from the sea.

Enjoy our Calabria pictures. Click each picture to see it larger.

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saracen guard tower picture, villapiano lido picturePicture of a Saracen Tower near Villapiano Lidocalabria picture, pollino national park picturePicture showing the landscape within the Pollino National Park in Calabriacalabria italy pictureA Village in Calabria in the Pollino National Park spills down a hillside.landscape picture, pollino national park pictureLandscape picture of Pollino National Park
calabria picturePicture of a small town in the Pollino National Park in Calabriacalabria picture, main piazza, civita picturePicture of the main piazza in Civita in the Mountains of Calabriacalabria picture, civita chimneyPicture of a chimney in Civita.civita bashkia picture, municiio bashkiaPicture of the Municipio Bashkia - Also known as Civita
Etnico Arbëresch, calabria picturePicture of Saddles in the Museo Etnico Arbëresch in Civitasybaris, calabria picture, sybaris pictureA Mosaic Floor at Sybariscivita, calabria, potato seller pictureThere is still a strong tradition of door-to-door sales in Calabria
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