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Row boat entering the Blue Grotto


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Capri Pictures: Row boat entering the cave of the Blue Grotto on Capri

Martha Bakerjian
A row boat with tourists gets ready to enter the cave. Boats can only enter or exit one at a time. Passengers must lie down or bend over in the boat to get through the low entrance to the cave. Ropes along the entrance wall help the rowers guide the boat inside.

Once in the grotto, it's safe to sit up again. Visitors are rewarded with the spectacular sight of the iridescent blue water, caused by refraction of sunlight in the cave. Rowers often sing, adding to the enjoyment of the trip. The grotto is small so only a few boats at a time are inside and each group stays only a short time. With a flash, it's possible to get some pictures. Unfortunately, my water shots didn't turn out very well.

The Blue Grotto has been known and used since prehistoric times. Stone artifacts were found inside the cave and it was a favorite pool of the Romans during the time Emperor Tiberius had his villas on the island.

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