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Photos of Carnival Parades in Viareggio, Italy


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Photo of a Float with Singers in the Night Parade
viareggio carnival photo, carnevale float pictures

Viareggio Carnival Photos: Singers in a Carnevale Parade Float

© by Serena Giovannoni, Wishversilia

Most of Viareggio's carnival parades are held in the afternoon but the final parade is held on Saturday night and is followed by a fireworks display. The lights at night make the parade even more magical.

Paper mache floats are large enough to hold performers and many of the floats even have moving parts, either operated mechanically or by skillful people.

Serena, who owns the Tuscany personalized tour company Wishversilia, says, "Floats are the biggest in the world. They can reach more than 32 feet tall, almost a two-story building, and accommodate more than 70 people singing and dancing to themed choreography. Attending the Carnival in Viareggio is more like watching a moving art exhibition, framed by the majesty of the Apuan Alps on one side and the Tyrrhenian sea on the other."

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