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Pictures of Italian Carnevale Festivals

Here you'll find pages with photos of Italian Carnevale festivals including Venice and Ivrea.

Venice Carnevale Pictures
Pictures of costumes and masks taken at Venice carnevale.

Viareggio Carnival Parade Photos
See photos of the famous carnival floats and parades in Viareggio, one of the top places to celebrate carnevale in Italy.

Ivrea Carnival and Orange Battle Pictures
Ivrea, north of Turin in the Piedmont region, holds a unique carnival festival including a huge orange- throwing battle.

Carnevale Masks in Venice Picture Gallery
Pictures of Carnevale masks in Venice by James Martin, Europe Travel.

Pictures of Carnevale in San Giovanni Valdarno
Pictures of Carnevale in the Tuscan town of San Giovanni Valdarno from About's Italian cuisine guide.

Venice Carnevale Pictures and Recipes from the Italian Cuisine Guide
Pictures of Venice at carnevale time and recipes from About's Italian Cuisine guide.

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