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Driving in Italy - Car Rentals and Leasing

Driving in Italy can be a challenge but it's a great way to get away from the tourist crowds and see the Italian countryside. Here you'll find information about driving in Italy and resources for renting or leasing cars.

Tips for Driving in Italy
If you plan to drive on your Italy vacation, be sure to read these tips.

Auto Europe Peugeot Car Lease
Review of Auto Europe's Peugeot car lease buy back program.

Peugeot Buy Back Car Lease from Auto Europe
Review of Auto Europe's Peugeot buy back car lease program. Consider the buy back program for tourists if you are traveling longer than 3 weeks.

Renault Eurodrive Car Lease Buy-Back Program
Renault Eurodrive buy-back car leases are a good alternative to car rentals if you need a car for longer than three weeks.

Autostrada - What is an Italian Autostrada?
Autostrada is a basic Italian word travelers should be familiar with when driving in Italy

Buy Back Car Leases - Better than Car Rental in Europe?
James Martin explains the French buy back car lease program, a good alternative to renting a car if you're traveling for longer than 17 days.

Auto Europe Discount Car Rentals
Auto Europe offers discount car rentals with no hidden costs. They also offer the Peugeot buy back program allowing you to lease a brand new car for periods of 17 days or more. I've used Auto Europe several times.

Citroen Car Lease Buy Back Program Review
Review of Citroen car buy back program for car leases in Italy and Europe. Citroen offers car lease buy back programs for North Americans driving in Europe. Find out about my experience with the Citroen buy back car lease.

Driving in Europe and Renting or Leasing a Car
James Martin, Europe for Visitors, gives tips about renting or leasing cars and driving in Europe.

Gas Prices in Europe
Europe Travel's article has tips for finding the cost of gas and diesel fuel in Europe and how to save money on gas.

Renting a Smart Car - by Europe for Visitors guide, James Martin
James Martin, Europe for Visitors, tells about his experience renting the small, economical Smart Car on a trip to Italy.

Autostrada Interactive Map - Italy's Toll Roads and Distances
Wandering Italy has a good interactive map of Italy's toll roads, autostrade, with distances and general information about driving on the autostada.

Gas Prices in Italy - Prezzi Benzina
This site shows the average daily prices for gasoline (benzina) and diesel by gas station company, with green being the lowest average price and red the highest.

Renault Buy Back Car Lease
If you're traveling in Italy or Europe for several weeks or longer, a buy back car lease can save you money and you get a brand new car.

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