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Tuscany Castle Hotel


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Castello di Valenzano
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Castello di Valenzano

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If you've ever wanted to stay in a real castle - or if your kids think castles are just plain cool - Castello di Valenzano may be just the place for you.

Sited on a hilltop 500 meters above the Arno River Valley, with a view of the mountains of Pratomagno, Castello di Valenzano looks like the castles of your imaginings, with towers, notched battlements and protective gargoyles. Built mostly of red brick and newer than some Italian castles, it has beautiful, Gothic-style arched detailing and lines so crisp they make it look like it could have been built last week.

The rooms are very spacious, decorated in period details with marble floors, four-poster beds and elegant furniture. Even the stairways are worth a look, lined with decorative painting and details. Bathrooms are modernized (and very large), with nice showers, modern bathroom fixtures and some even have a nice view of the valley.

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