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Chianti Classico Map and Chianti Wine Tasting Information

Chianti is a beautiful region of Tuscany steeped in history and made wealthy by wine

Chianti is the wine everybody knows in the US. Perhaps you have a candle stuck in a wicker covered fiasco, the bulbous wine bottles seen on tables in every bad Italian restaurant in the US during the 70s.

But Chianti has moved from being a producer of cheap wine in cheesy bottles, and the wine of Chianti Classico is once again renouned for its quality. Besides, the Chianti Classico region is a very interesting part of Tuscany to visit.

Chianti Classico Map
chianti map chianti classico region italy

Chianti Classico Map © 2007 by James Martin

Chianti Classico - Getting Your Bearings

Chianti Classico lies between the larger cities of Florence and Siena. To the east lie the Chianti Mountains, and the area is bounded on the west by the Pesa valley and Elsa river. This is the land of the Gallo Nero, the black rooster. You'll see the signs on the country roads.

The main north-south road through Chianti Classico is the state road number 222, shown on the map and known as la Chiantigiana.

The first time a reference to Chianti wine appears in a formal document was 1398. The Chianti area was delimited in 1932 and the boundaries have stayed the same since. Chianti Classico, the area seen on the map, is "the oldest zone of origin" of Chianti.

The major large towns are shown by larger green circles on the map. Smaller towns worth visiting are noted on the map as well.

See Before You Go Wine Tasting in Chianti - Winery Visit Tips for more planning information.

Greve in Chianti

The center of Chianti Classico is the town of Greve in Chianti. Greve has a weekly market in the Piazza Matteotti on Saturday mornings. There is a Chianti Wine Festival on the 2nd weekend of September. There is an wine tasting center on state road 222 where you can taste wine, olive oil, and the sweet Vin Santo. You can get lots of information at the tourist office here.

The Tourist Office - Greve in Chianti
Via Giovanni da Verrazzano 59 - 50022
Greve in Chianti

Greve is a good, central town to stay in while visiting Chianti. See: Greve in Chianti Recommended Lodging

Chianti Highlights

A little ways outside of San Cascinano in a tiny village called S.Andrea in Percussina is Il ristorante L'Albergaccio di Niccolo Machiavelli. Yes, the tavern where Machiavelli played cards and probably swilled wine. It's hard to find but worth it, not only for the food and wine but for its bucolic surroundings. Watch the signs when you exit San Cascinano. Nearby, Villa Mangicane has been transformed into a nice luxury hotel.

Panzano is the home to one of the world's most famous butchers, who happens to have a restaurant now, called SoloCiccia, or "only meat." Dario Cecchini's shop is not to be missed. See: The Butcher-Preacher of Panzano.

Just south of Panzano is a town called Piazza which hosts a restaurant called Osteria alla Piazza. In fact, that's pretty much all there is in tiny Piazza. Sit amongst the vineyards of Chianti and experience some darn good food.

Keep going past Poggibonsi and you'll eventually come upon San Gimigiano, the city of beautiful towers.

Castellina, Radda, and Gaiole are other centers for Chianti wine and hospitality.

For more about Chianti see: Chianti Wine and Travel Information

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