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Cinque Terre Hotels and Accommodations

Top-rated Places to Stay to Visit the Cinque Terre Villages


The Cinque Terre, or five lands, is one of Italy's most popular destinations. Because there are not many hotels and accommodations in the five villages, it is recommended that you book in advance. Here are top guest-rated places to stay in the Cinque Terre (the first 8 listings) or in nearby towns from where you can easily take the train or a ferry. Use this map to see the location of the villages.

1. Cinqueterre Residence - Riomaggiore

Built onto the terraces of the village of Riomaggiore, the Cinqueterre residence consists of individual adjoining houses with rooms for 2-3 guests and 2-room apartments with kitchenette. From the hotel there are views of the sea and village below.

2. Locanda del Sole - Riomaggiore

Locanda del Sole is a 2-star hotel in the center of Riomaggiore, 400 meters from the beach. The hotel has limited free parking and a terrace with views of the town.

3. Appartamenti e Camere Edi - Riomaggiore

These apartments are scattered throughout the village of Riomaggiore, from the terraces above the town with sea views to the little streets of the historic center and even by the harbor.

4. Hotel Punta Mesco - Monterosso al Mare

Punta Mesco is a small 3-star hotel, 100 meters from the sea (but with no sea view) in Monterosso al Mare. The hotel is very near the train station and the village's historic center. Two of the rooms are equipped for disabled guests.

5. Inn Casa Orietta - Corniglia

Inn Casa Orietta is a vacation apartment in the center of Corniglia. The apartment has one bedroom, living room, and kitchen and has sea views.

6. Vacation Rental Ca' de Baran - Manarola

Vacation Rental Ca' de Baran is a guest house in Manarola. Located on the main street near the harbor and train station, the guest house offers air-conditioned rooms and apartments and has a balcony.

7. Inn Elisabetta - Vernazza

Inn Elisabetta is a 2-star town house suite up the hill in Vernazza. The inn has two rooms with private bath and an apartment and has two terraces with sea views. The hotel is near the train station but be aware that to reach the inn from the village you will have to climb up stairs.

8. Hotel La Villa degli Argentieri - Monterosso al Mare

La Villa degli Argentieri is a 3-star hotel in Monterosso al Mare, across from the public beach and a short walk from the train station. The hotel has a panoramic terrace with sea views and a lounge bar and some rooms have a balcony.

9. Hotel Crismar - La Spezia

Hotel Crismar is a small 2-star hotel in the pedestrian area La Spezia, between the train station and the harbor where there are ferries to Cinque Terre and Portovenere in late spring and summer. La Spezia makes a good base for visiting Cinque Terre and other nearby towns because it is well connected by rail and has good restaurants, cafes, shops, and several museums.

10. Hotel Garden - Levanto

Hotel Garden is a 3-star hotel in the pedestrian area of Levanto close to the beach. From Levanto you can take the train to visit the villages of Cinque Terre and other seaside towns on the Italian Riviera.

11. Inn Rosa dei Venti - Levanto

Inn Rosa dei Venti is in the seaside town of Levanto, connected to Cinque Terre by train. The small inn is near the center of town, a short walk from the train station and beach, and has parking available.

12. Grand Hotel - Portovenere

Grand Hotel Portovenere is a 4-star hotel on the sea in the charming town of Portovenere. During late spring and summer there is ferry service to the Cinque Terre but there is no train station in town. There are good hiking trails near Portovenere, which is much less crowded than the Cinque Terre villages, and the small island directly across from the town has a popular beach.
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