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Views of a Tuscan Hill Town


Cortona is surrounded by Etruscan walls, about 3000 years old. The town retains much of its history through its architecture, layers of history built upon the Etruscan core. The plain below is speckled with Etruscan tombs. But Cortona isn't just about the past; its thriving Expat community is quite involved with the city, so a tourist speaking only English will feel welcome--and have interesting things to do.

Cortona is the setting for "Under the Tuscan Sun." People I've talked to who live here can't really explain their attraction to friends who've never lived in Italy. Waking up, throwing open the shutters to the slant of sun in a piazza where merchants are setting up for business, having your morning cappuccino in a bar where the barista knows your name--how do you explain living in here?

Enjoy these Cortona pictures. Click each picture to see it full size. Then check out our Cortona Visitors Guide -- and then, if it suits you, plan a trip.

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cortona picture, city gate, piazza della repubblica, cortonaTown Gate in Cortonacortona picture, streetPicture of a narrow, winding steet in Cortonacortona picture, piazza della repubblicaPicture of medieval buildings lining the Piazza della Repubblica.cortona picture, clock tower, piazza della repubblicaClock tower in Piazza della Repubblica, Cortona
cortona picture, trattoria tacconiPicture of the sign for Trattoria Tacconi in Cortona.cortona pictures, santa maria, churchChurch of Santa Maria Below Cortonacortona, picture, photoPiazza della Repubblica, Cortonacortona picture, narrow passagewayPicture of a narrow passageway in Cortona
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