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Pictures of the Franciscan convent of Le Celle outside Cortona, Italy

Follow in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi by visiting Le Celle


Le Celle is referred to as "Santuario Le Celle" or "Convento delle Celle" (Convent of the cells). A forty-five minute's walk outside the walls of Cortona will take you through the woods to an amazing complex of stark beige buildings spilling down the slopes of Monte Sant' Edigio. Saint Francis founded the monastery in the early 13th century, preaching here in 1211.

Locals and pilgrims alike find great spiritual inspiration from visiting Saint Francis' spartan cell with its stone bed and wooden pillow. There is a church and a small store on the property. A visit is free of charge.

Enjoy our Le Celle Pictures. Click each picture to see it full size.

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le celle picture, celle monastery, celle picturePicture of Le Celle buildings, a cross and flowerssantuario le celle, le celle pictureThe Sanctuary of Le Celle spills down the slopes of Monte S. Egidiole celle, le celle gardens, le celle picturePicture of the Gardens of Le Cellele celle picture, Vignone TorrentThe Vignone Torrent Slows to a Trickle in Summer
le celle picturePicture of the entrance of Le Celle monastery in Cortona, Italy
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