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Festivals, Special Events, and Holidays in Italy

Attending a festival is a great way to experience Italy's culture. We have information about some of the festivals in Italy.
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  2. Christmas in Italy (10)
  3. Easter Week in Italy (6)
  4. Festival Pictures
  5. Festivals Listed by Month (13)
  6. Italian Festivals Outside Italy (2)
  7. Summer Festivals (10)

Favorite Festivals in Italy
Here's a sampling of my favorite festivals in Italy.

Festivals, Holidays, and Special Events by Month
Italy has interesting festivals every month of the year. Here is information about popular and unusual festivals in Italy listed by month as well as Italian holidays, annual special events, and music festivals.

Italian National Holidays
Italy has twelve days that are national holidays. Find out which days are public holidays in Italy and how they're celebrated.

Halloween in Italy
Halloween celebrations in Italy. Urban Trekking in Italian cities for Halloween. All Saints Eve in Italy.

Infiorata - Flower Art Festivals in Italy
Infiorata or flower art festivals are held for Corpus Domini. Here is information about Infiorata events in Noto and elsewhere in Italy.

La Befana and Epiphany in Italy
Epiphany is celebrated January 6. In Italy Epiphany is celebrated with the tradition of La Befana bringing presents to children. Read more about Italian Epiphany celebrations.

New Year's Eve and Day Celebrations in Italy
Where and how to celebrate Italian New Year's Eve, or La Festa di San Silvestro, and New Year's Day, or Il Capodanno, in Italy.

The Italian Holiday of Ferragosto
Find out about the Italian holiday of ferragosto, or Assumption Day, celebrated in August throughout Italy.

Saint Patrick's Day in Italy
Saint Patrick's Day isn't widely celebrated in Italy but several Italian cities hold Irish parties and festivals. Here are the best places to find Irish festivals and parties for Saint Patrick in Italy.

Siena Palio Festival
The palio of Siena is one of Italy's most popular and well-known festivals. Siena's palio competition is a historic horse race around Siena's main piazza but there's much more to it.

Truffle Festivals in Italy
Find out where to go to a truffle festival in Italy with our guide to top fall truffle festivals and white truffle fairs.

Winter Holidays in Italy
Italy celebrates several holidays with special events and festivals during winter. Here are major Italian winter holidays.

International Film Festivals in Italy
The Venice film festival is Italy's most important film festival but several other international film festivals are held in Italy, too. Here are Italy's major international film festivals.

Maschera di Ferro festival in Pinerolo, Italy
A festival recreating the man in the iron mask, Maschera di Ferro, takes place in the Piemonte town of Pinerolo the first weekend of October.

Noto Flower Festival - Infiorata di Noto
The infiorata in Noto, Sicily, is one of the best.

Patron Saints - How Patron Saints are Chosen
About.com's Catholicism guide explains the history of patron saints and how they're chosen. Patron saints play a big part in Italian festivals and celebrations.

Valentine's Day - Italian Style Celebrations
You can make your Valentine's Day an Italian celebration with special Italian Valentine's Day food and Italian language phrases.

Beatification Events - Pope John Paul II Beatification
Guide to events for the beatification of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. What you need to know about going to the Vatican beatification events and ceremony for former Pope John Paul II, held in Rome and Vatican City.

Winter Olympics 2006 in Torino - Information and Resources
Information and resources for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Sagra Posters and Food Festivals in Italy
Learn how to find a sagra or food festival in rural Italy on Wandering Italy's illustrated guide.

Italian American Festivals in the United States
Here are top Italian festivals in the United States, from May through October.

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