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Halloween in Italy

Spooky Nights, Costume Parties and Urban Trekking on All Saint's Eve


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Halloween Window Display in Venice

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Halloween, or All Saint's Eve, is becoming a popular day for costume parties and events in Italy. While the main holidays are still All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2, the custom of celebrating Halloween is starting to take hold in many Italian cities.

Halloween costumes and decorations are on display in shop windows and can be found in many stores. Children's costume parties are mainly held during the day, but in the evening many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants now advertise special costume parties so look for posters if you're in an Italian city.

Italy's First Halloween Event

The Halloween Celebration at the Devil's Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano, a few kilometers north of Lucca, has been going on each year since 1993 and calls itself Italy's first Halloween celebration and also the biggest. There's a passage of terror, an interactive game called La Notte Nera or black night, and horror movies are shown all night. Events are also held the weekend after Halloween.

Italian Capital of Halloween

The medieval walled town of Corinaldo, in central Italy's le Marche region, calls itself the Italian Capital of Halloween. The last week of October the town features entertainment, spooky attractions, and taverns culminating on Halloween night with a show of music, fire, and lights all around the town. Corinaldo Halloween

Urban Trekking for All Saints Eve

Urban Trekking, calling itself "a sport for all", holds special All Saints Eve walks, sometimes also on the weekend before Halloween, in many Italian cities. These walks often include special night visits to medieval towers, crypts, dungeons, or castles. Some cities hold children's walks during the afternoon, too. See Urban Trekking site for cities and details.

Halloween at Italian Amusement Parks

Italian amusement parks have special weekend events in October culminating October 31. Near Lake Garda, Gardaland features Magic Halloween with a spirits' parade and reduced prices for those dressed in monster costumes, weekends in October, and Movieland has Rock'n Halloween every weekend in October and is open until midnight on Halloween night.

Halloween Dinners in Restaurants

Some restaurants offer special dinners with a Halloween theme, like this one in a remote castle in Liguria. If you're in Italy, check local restaurants for posters.

Horror Movies in Italian Movie Theaters

Many Italian movie theaters show horror films and American Halloween movies, probably with Italian sub-titles, on October 31.

Mummies, Skeletons, and Spooky Places in Italy

Not just for Halloween, Italy has several chilling displays of mummies and bones in catacombs, churches, and crypts. These mummies have been naturally preserved and the displays can be a macabre sight, not recommended for young children. Find out where to see them in Mummies in Italy - Where to see mummies and skeletons. See more Spooky Places in Italy.

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