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A Self-guided Walk in Florence, Italy


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Florence Walk Introduction and Hotels

On our self-guided walking tour of Florence you'll get an inside look at several interesting places that were prominent in Florence's history with a few food stops along the way. We'll visit an interesting museum inside a former monastery, the central market, an inexpensive trattoria across the river, a good gelato shop, Florence's oldest building, and the Piazza della Repubblica.

Our Florence walk starts in Piazza San Marco. If you're coming from the train station, walk on Via Navionale to Piazza Independenza, then turn right on Via Ventisette Aprile. From the Duomo and Baptistery, walk on Via Martelli and continue straight on Via Cavour. (Find the Accademia on this Florence map and zoom in to see Piazza San Marco just above it.)

Piazza San Marco is a major bus hub so it's pretty easy to get there by bus from anywhere in Florence. The number 7 bus from Fiesole stops in Piazza San Marco, too.

When you arrive at the square, have a coffee (standing at the bar to save money) in the Grand Caffe San Marco. Then we're ready to start our tour - continue to page 2, Museo di San Marco.

Nearby Hotels: Hotel Donatello - Recommended hotel near Piazza Independenza | Hotel Giglio (book direct) - Highly rated hotel near Piazza San Marco

Note: Although we'll cross Ponte Vecchio and go into the historic center, this tour does not include the Top Things to Do in Florence.

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