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Florence Photos

Picture Galleries of Florence, Italy


Take a look at Florence with our photos of Florence's attractions, monuments, and the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River. Click on a link to go to the picture gallery where you'll see more photos and find additional information.

Florence Picture Gallery

florence picture, palazzo pitti
Martha Bakerjian

Our Florence picture gallery is a general overview of Florence. You'll see photos of Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio, Boboli Gardens and Pitti Palace, statues, and cows on parade in Florence.

Views of Florence from the Duomo Dome

florence pictures, florence duomo dome pictures, florence bell tower pictures
Barbara Molini
Get a bird's eye view of Florence with these pictures taken from the Dome atop the Duomo or Cathedral in Florence. Climbing the steps to the top of the cathedral for these magnificent views is a highlight of a visit to Florence.

Ponte Vecchio Pictures

florence pictures, ponte vecchio pictures
James Martin, Europe Travel
Ponte Vecchio, old bridge, is one of Florence's most famous sight. Ponte Vecchio is the only surviving bridge from Florence's medieval days and it's still lined with shops selling gold and jewelry. From the bridge are good views of the Arno River and Florence.

Florence Night Photos

Florence Pictures, florence after dark, florence night photos
Barbara Molini
These photos of Florence were taken at sunset and after dark. Exploring Florence at night is fun and picturesque. Here's a look at Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River, and Florence at night.

Fiesole, in the Hills Above Florence

fiesole pictures
Martha Bakerjian, licensed to About.com
Fiesole, in the Florentine hills, is an easy bus ride up the hill from Florence. It's a good place to escape the summer heat and on clear days there are good views of Florence. Here are pictures of Etruscan and Roman remains, Fiesole monuments, monasteries, and views.
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