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Italian History and Historical Places in Italy

Information about Italy's history and historical places.
  1. Archaeological Sites

Southern Italy UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Italy has 44 UNESCO world heritage sites including historic centers of Italian cities, natural sites, and archaeological sites. Southern Italy's world heritage sites include Naples, Amalfi Coast, Matera cave dwellings, and trulli in Puglia.

Longobards in Italy, Places of the Power
Longobards in Italy, Places of the Power, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes seven Longobard places from northern Italy to the San Michele Sanctuary in Monte Sant' Angelo.

San Salvatore, Ancient Longobard Church in Spoleto
See photos and read about the history of San Salvatore Church in Spoleto, an ancient Longobard church that's part of the Longobards in Italy World Heritage Site.

Ancient Rome History
"Ancient Rome from the Earliest Times Down to 476 A.D." from About's Ancient History Guide.

Etruscan Civilization and Time Line
Information about the Etruscan Civilization and a time line from About's Archaeology Guide.

Geography of Ancient Rome and Italy
Geography of ancient Rome and the area that became Italy on about.com's Ancient History site.

Medieval Towers - How They Came to be Built
Outside of Rome, the tourist will probably see more medieval architecture than any other form of historical buildings, but how did those tall towers come to be built and what were they used for?

Statesmen of Italy
The Leading Statesmen of Italy from 1861 until 2000.

Abridged History of Rome
Interesting site about Rome's history with 8 suggested historical itineraries. There's a good map of the ancient roads leading from Rome, too.

Papal History Filled with Colorful Men, Intrigue
Hear the NPR webcast about the history of Papal succession.

The Medici Family from the Galileo Project
History of the Medici Family, one of the most important families in Italian history.

The History of Tuscany
A consise history of Tuscany, starting with the prehistoric period.

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