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Bellagio Italy Photos

The Pearl of Lake Como


Enjoy our photos of Bellagio Italy, the pearl of Lake Como, taken in fall 2009. Bellagio, a top top vacation destination on Lake Como, is one of the prettiest towns along the lake. Bellagio is set in a picturesque position where the two legs of Lake Como come together.

Due to its central location and transportation connections, Bellagio can be visited as a day trip from anywhere on Lake Como and it also makes a good base for visiting the lake. The village has a pretty lakeside promenade and picturesque lanes with shops, gelato bars, cafes, and restaurants. See our Bellagio Travel Guide for more about what to see and do, how to arrive, and where to stay.

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bellagio italy picturesPicture of Bellagio on Lake Comobellagio picturesWater Taxi Dock on Lake Comobellagio italy picturesPicture of Bellagio Bell Towerbellagio italy picturesView of Bellagio from Lakeside Promenade
bellagio italy picturesPicture of a Villa on Lake Comobellagio italy picturesSuisse Hotel and Restaurant in Bellagiobellagio italy picturesFall Colors in Bellagiobellagio italy picturesPicture of Statue in Bellagio Historic Center
bellagio italy picturesPicture of Church Above Bellagiobellagio italy picturesBeach and Harbor on Lake Comobellagio italy picturesSunset Over Lake Comobellagio italy picturesPicture of Sunset in Bellagio
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