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Camogli Pictures: An Italian Riviera Fishing Village in Liguria

Camogli--near Genoa--makes a fine and relaxing vacation destination


Camogli is one of those small villages you expected when you went further south to the Cinque Terre. Camogli features a small harbor, with colorful houses built right up to the fine beach. These Camogli pictures were taken in late autumn, when tourists were few and the village returned from its somewhat frenetic summer to take on its true nature.

Camogli is just east of Genoa. Camogli has a train station right in town, so it's easy to visit by public transportation. In the summer, you can take a popular boat trip to San Fruttuoso Abbey, between Camogli and Portofino. If you're planning a vacation to Camogli on the second Sunday in May, don't miss the Sagra del Pesce, where fish is fried in a 3.8 meter diameter frying pan.

Enjoy our Camogli pictures. Click each picture to see it larger.

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camogli picture, camogli marinaPicture of fishing boats in Camogli harbor.camogli picture, small boats pictureSmall fishing boats lie silently in Camogli Harborcamogli picture, scenic overlookPicture of a scenic overlook in Camoglicamogli picture, carousel picture, camogli beachCamogli - Picture of a carousel in the fading light of a November evening
camogli harbor, camogli houses, camogli pictureCamogli - Beach, Houses and the Old Town of Camoglicamogli harbor, camogli waterfront, camogli housesPicture of Houses along the Camogli Waterfrontpicture of camogli, camogli harborCamogli Picture - Small boats in Camogli Harborcamogli picture, bagni lidoCamogli Bagni Lido Picture
camogli pictureKids Playing in Camoglicamogli picture, camogli old townCamogli old town and sunset picturecamogli picture, camogli old town, camogli beachCamogli Picture: Camogli Beach and Old Towncamogli location map, camogli map, camogli locationWhere is Camogli? Find it with our Camogli Location Map
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