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Italy Apps

Travel Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android


If you have an iPhone or iPad (most are also available for Android) these apps make great travel companions for your Italy vacation. Much lighter and less expensive than a traditional guidebook, entries can be sorted by area, distance from you, or price. These apps all come with a map showing the location of each entry and lots of great photos so they're good for armchair travel too. Clicking on the link takes you to the app's page on the iTunes store.

Rome: Dream of Italy

rome app photo
© by Dream of Italy
Rome: Dream of Italy introduces you to the best of the eternal city. Edited by Kathy McCabe of Dream of Italy Travel Newsletter, this app includes entries written by a group of Rome experts covering places to go, eat, and stay as well as some hidden gems. This app has lots of good information for first time visitors. Now also available for Android - see review of Rome: Dream of Italy for details.

Rome Insider's Guide

rome insider's guide
© by Flaminia Chapman
Written by Flaminia Chapman who lives in Rome, Rome Insider's Guide is full of insider tips and is an excellent resource for experiencing the city like a Roman. She gives an inside perspective on things to do and places to go and helps you avoid tourist traps. It's a great app for those who have been to Rome before or are staying in the city for an extended period. Read my review of Rome Insider's Guide for details.

Amalfi Coast Travel Essentials

amalfi app photo
© by Gillian Longworth McGuire

Amalfi Coast Travel Essentials has the information you need for a visit to the Amalfi Coast, one of Italy's most popular destinations. With this app you'll find helpful tips for getting there and getting around, what to see, how and where to go to the beach, and where to eat, shop, and stay. Gillian Longworth McGuire lives in Rome and has made many visits to the Amalfi Coast. She is also the author of the Rome for Expats app.

Marvelous Milan and More

© by Stef Smulders
Stef Smulders, who runs Bed and Breakfast Due Padroni in the Oltrepo Pavese near Milan has spent lots of time visiting Milan and researching what to see and do and where to eat and stay. In his Marvelous Milan app you'll find lots of sightseeing and practical information. Find out more in this review of Marvelous Milan.

Puglia Travel Guide

© by Sutro Media

The region of Puglia or Apulia, the heel of the boot, is a good vacation alternative to some of Italy's more popular and touristy places. Puglia Travel Guide is an app I have written to help you get the most out of a visit to Puglia and includes top sights and places to go and stay. Puglia Travel Guide for Android is also available.

Sardinia Inside Out

sardinia app photo
© by James Martin and Paola Loi

The island of Sardinia, one of my favorite regions in Italy, is steeped in tradition and offers many unique sights. This app, written by insider Paola Loi and outsider James Martin, explores the island from its beaches to traditions and ancient sites. Also available on Android - Sardinia Inside Out Android App

Tuscany for Foodies

tuscany for foodies app
© by James Martin
If you're going to Tuscany and like to eat well, Tuscany for Foodies can help you find great places to eat throughout the region, from the city of Florence to the popular hill towns and countryside locales, with choices ranging from very inexpensive to high-end dining.

Umbria Slow: Food, Culture and Travel

umbria app photo
© by Alex Leviton and Rebecca Winke
Written by Rebecca Winke who runs Brigolante Guest Apartments near Assisi and Alex Leviton author of the Lonely Planet Guides to Umbria, this app is packed with information about how to best experience the region of Umbria including artisan workshops, special wineries, and family-run restaurants away from the tourist crowds as well as what to see and do. Now also available for Android. See my review of Umbria Slow for more information.

Venice: The Essential Green Travel Guide

venice green travel app photo
© by Dorian Yates
If you like to travel green, check out this eco-friendly guide to Venice. You'll find small, family-run places to eat and stay, health food stores, artisan shops, practical information about how to get around and what to see, Venice's garden island, and even where to take yoga or rent a kayak to explore Venice's canals.

Italy Travel Tips & Hints

© by Martha Bakerjian

Italy Travel Tips & Hints is an app that I wrote with essential tips for how to navigate your way around Italy. Although this is not a travel guide about where to go in Italy, the app introduces top places to go and each of Italy's regions. More than 700 photos illustrate the app's entries. Also available - Italy Travel Tips & Hints Android version.

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