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Top Italy Books and Travel Guides

Travelogues, Guidebooks, Italian Food Books, Novels, and Apps


Italy is one of the most popular European vacation countries. Whether you're dreaming of traveling to Italy or actually planning your trip, these books will be useful. Books make great gifts for the person who loves Italy or is planning a trip. Here are our recommended guidebooks and books about Italy.

Italy Guidebooks

Here we have recommended books to help plan an Italian vacation - travel guides that cover all of Italy.

Italy Gift Books

Books about Italy make great gifts for anyone who is planning a trip to Italy or anyone who just enjoys Italy. My gift book recommendations include coffee table books, fiction, boojs about Italian food, and books about the Italian language.

Italy Food Books

Eating is one of the great pleasures of a trip to Italy. These recommended books and mobile apps about food in Italy will help you learn what to eat and where to eat it - good for foodies interested in Italian food and travelers planning a trip to Italy.

Italy Travel Apps

If you have an iDevice or Android, you can easily carry a travel app along with you. Here are recommended travel guide apps with maps and photos, good for the armchair traveler too.

Walking and Hiking Books

Italy is a great place for walking, from leisurely walks to mountain hikes. These books cover interesting walks and hikes throughout Italy or in specific areas such as Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, or the Alps. Most are small enough to carry along on your walks.

Amalfi Coast and Naples Guidebooks

Books for travel to the spectacular Amalfi Coast and nearby city of Naples.

Florence Travel Books

Florence is one of Italy's most popular cities for visitors. Here are books to help make your visit to Florence more enjoyable.

Northern Lakes Region and Milan Travel Guides

The beautiful Lakes region of Northern Italy is a popular vacation destination. Here are guidebooks for the lakes and the nearby city of Milan.

Rome Guidebooks

Rome is one of Italy's top cities for visitors. Here are books to help plan your trip to Rome.

Tuscany Travelogues

Here are interesting books about life in Tuscany written by people who live there or moved there temporarily. I've read all the books myself - they're great reading when you're dreaming about Italy.

Sicily Books and Travel Guides

Sicily is a fascinating island. Here you'll find guidebooks for planning a trip to Sicily and books about Sicily for the armchair traveler.

Venice Books

The unique, romantic city of Venice makes a fascinating setting for novels, historical fiction, and mystery books. Here are recommended books set in Venice.

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