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Walking and Hiking Books for Italy

Guides for Trekking and Walking Trails


A good way to explore Italy is on foot, whether you are hiking through the mountains or exploring picturesque villages and cities. Having a good book or guide for walking is useful for both serious hikers and people looking for interesting walks. Here are recommended walking books for Italy that cover hikes throughout the country or in specific regions.

The Independent Walker's Guide to Italy

The Independent Walker's Guide to Italy has 35 walks ranging from 2 - 10 miles each. For each walk, the book includes how to get there, trail distance, walking time, difficulty rating, detailed trail directions and what to see on the walk and in the area. It's lightweight enough to easily carry along with you as you walk. The walks are in northern, central, and southern Italy and the island of Sicily.

Lonely Planet Hiking in Italy

Hiking in Italy has a selection of walking trails for all levels from beginners to serious hikers and covers rural walks in 9 areas, from the Dolomite Mountains of northern Italy to Mount Etna volcano in Sicily. The guidebook is small but weighs about 2 pounds.

Walking and Eating in Tuscany and Umbria

Although this book was published in 2004, the walks are still good and most of the recommended places to eat are still there. Included are 40 half-day, full-day, and overnight itineraries with maps and trail information as well as sights and recommendations for places to eat. This book is light enough to carry along on your walks and is also available on Kindle.

50 Hikes In and Around Tuscany

The Explorer's Guide to 50 Hikes In and Around Tuscany has walks in the mountains and forests, on the coast, and to historic sites. While most of the hikes are in Tuscany, also included are Cinque Terre and other areas on the northwestern coast. For each hike there are directions to the trail head, a map, hiking time and distance, photographs, and descriptions of what you'll see. The book is small and light enough to carry along. The author, Jeff Taylor, is a trained ecologist and avid hiker who lives in Marina di Pisa, Tuscany.

Walking on the Amalfi Coast

Walking on the Amalfi Coast has 30 one-day walks, each with a recommended picnic spot and some that include a place to take a dip in the sea. The guide is one of the Cicerone series, small guides that can easily be carried along. Gillian Price, the author, is an active member of the Italian Alpine Club and the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild and lives in Venice, Italy.

Through the Italian Alps

Also written by Gillian Price for the Cicerone Guides, Through the Italian Alps covers the 46-day alpine route across the western Italian Alps. The book, small enough to carry along, includes detailed maps and profiles of the route as well as facilities you'll find along the way.

Shorter Walks in the Dolomites

This small Cicerone guide, also by Gillian Price, is for those who want to explore the northern Italian Dolomite Mountains on foot without taking big hikes. Included are 40 walks ranging from 3 miles to full-day hikes with ratings from easy to strenuous.

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