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Barga Pictures - Gallery of Pictures from the Medieval Village of Barga


Barga is part of hidden Tuscany, a town with a view of the Apuan Alps in a region known as the Garfagnana, north of the town of Lucca. Barga, along with other small villages around it, has a link to Scotland, as many Italians went there to find work in leaner times. Some returned to open shops in Barga. You'll see not only Scottish crafts, but hear English spoken more often than you'd think in an out-of-the-way village.

The whole region of the Gargagnana warrants your attention if you're looking for the old traditions of Italy. Wander through the Serchio river valley and you'll see compelling views; there is a tourist center at Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, the capital of the region with origins in the 8th century. Don't miss the town's patron saint St. Peter's feast day on 29 June.

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il duomo, barga, italy, duomoIl Duomo, Barga's Cathedralbarga, italy, houses, barga picturesBarga - View of buildings in Bargabarga, italy, piazza, barga pictureA typical Barga scene: a small piazza with the Apuane Alps behindbarga picture, park, italy, bargaPicture of a small park in Barga, with the Alpi Apuane behind
barga, street, picture, barga pictureA street in the medieval Italian hilltown of Bargabarga picture, stairway, bargaBarga: stairs and a shaft of light
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