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Certaldo Alto - A Red Brick Hilltown in the Chianti Region of Tuscany

Certaldo Alto is an interesting day trip for Tuscany travelers


Certaldo Alto is a medieval hilltown with Etruscan roots between Florence and Siena. Evidently, there are few rocks in the region for building, and the whole town is constructed of red bricks. Certaldo Alto was the home of Boccaccio, author of Il Decamerone, written in 1351, and you can visit his house.

Other places to visit in Certaldo Alto:

  • Palazzo Pretorio, with its 12th century keep and 14th century rennovations.
  • Palazzo Giannozzi, a 1300s to Renaissance structure
  • Saints Jacopo and Filippo, a convent dating from the 1200s.

Certaldo Alto is a car-free village, so some uphill walking is required, more during high season when the upper parking lots get full.

Enjoy the pictures of Certaldo Alto. Click to see a larger version.

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certaldo, alto, picture, certaldo altoCertaldo Picture: A main street in Certaldo Alto in Tuscanycertaldo, palazzo pretorio, picture, certaldo altoCertaldo Alto Picture: Facade of the Palazzo Pretoriocertaldo picture, palazzo praetorio, coats of armsCertaldo Picture: Entrance to the Palazzo Praetoriocertaldo alto, picture, red brickPicture of a typical red brick building of Certaldo Alto.
certaldo alto, pictureCertaldo Pictures: The Approach to Certaldo Altocertaldo alto, tuscany, picture, landscapeCertaldo Pictures: The Landscape around Certaldo Altocertaldo picture, red brick, tower, tuscany, italyCertaldo Pictures: A Red Brick Tower in Certaldo Altocertaldo alto picture, tuscanyCertaldo Pictures: A Jumble of Houses on the Edge of Certaldo Alto
palazzo pretorio, praetorian palace, certaldo, altoCertaldo Pictures - Front of the Palazzo Pretorio or Praetorian Palace
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