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Pictures of Historic Parma, Italy

Join us for a virtual tour of the Emilia-Romagna city of Parma


Parma is famous for its art, architecture, cheese and ham. Just about everyone has heard of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma, but few tourists come to Parma to appreciate its considerable charms.

In this picture gallery you'll see pictures of the 12th century Baptistery, one of the most interesting buildings in Europe. Our pictures include the unusual bell tower on the Governor's Palace, the Palazzo della Pilotta that was built in 1583 and has many museums inside and Parma's Ducal Park, a peaceful place to wander around in near the train station, that was built in 1561 and turned into a formal French garden in 1749. For photos of the Romanesque Cathedral, see Parma Duomo Photos on Europe Travel.

Enjoy our pictures of Parma. Click each picture to see it full size.

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parma picture, governors palace, piazza garibaldiPicture of the Palazzo del Governatoreparma picture, governor’s palace, piazza garibaldiBell Tower of the Palazzo del Governatore (Governor's Palace)parma picture, piazza della pace, palazzo della pilottaPicture of Palazzo della Pilotta and War Monumentparma picture, archesPicture of Arches Opening to Central Parma
parma picture, parma bridge, flowersPicture of Flowers Decorating a Bridge in Parmaparma picture, San Giovanni Evangelista picture, parma italyPicture of San Giovanni Evangelista Churchbattistero picture, baptistery picture, parma baptistery picturePicture of The Battistero or Baptistery of Parma, Italyparma picture, battistero, parma baptistryDetail Picture of the Battistero or Baptistery in Parma, Italy.
parco ducale picture, parma picturePalazzo Ducale, the Ducal Palace of Parmaparma picture, vegetable market, parma italyPicture of an Open Air Market in Parma, Italyparma picture, macelleria, meat market, butcher shopPicture of a Macelleria, or Butcher's Shop in Parma, Italyparma storefront, parma picurePicture of an Elegant Marble Storefront in Parma, Italy
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