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Rome Pictures - The Splendor of Rome, the Eternal City

Pictures of Top Attractions in Rome


Rome is a fantastic place for pictures, a city filled with picturesque attractions. From ancient Roman remains popping up all over the city to Baroque fountains and modern street scenes, Rome makes a compelling travel destination and a great place for taking photos.

Rome is Italy's most popular travel city, worth at least several days to enjoy its many tourist attractions. For details about what to see and do in Rome, take a look at our 3-Day Suggested Independent Rome Itinerary.

Enjoy these pictures of top attractions in Rome. Click on a thumbnail to see the photo larger. Then go to our Rome Photos to find pictures of more places in Rome.

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rome pictures, roman forum, ancient roman sites, ancient romeThe Arch of Septimius Severuspiazza del popolo, rome picture, lion fountainLion Fountain in Piazza del Popolorome picture, piazza del popolo, obeliskPiazza del Popolorome picture, arch, septimius severusArch of Septimius Severus
roman forum, rome picture, columnsDramatic picture of columns outlined by a blue, summer skyrome picture, trastevere, piazzaSanta Maria in Trastevere Church and Piazzarome picture, church, trastevere, santa mariaInterior of the Santa Maria in Trastevere Churchrome picture, trevi fountainThe Trevi Fountain in Rome, shown head on.
rome, picture, trevi fountainAnother view of Rome's Trevi Fountainrome, picture, trevi fountain, detailTrevi Fountain showing Neptune and His Horses rome picture, street scene, romeA typical Rome street scenerome picture, turtle fountainRome's Turtle Fountain in Piazza Mattei
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