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Views of Italy from Above

Bird's Eye Views of Italian Cities


For magnificent views of Italy's cities climb the steps to the top of a tower or cathedral. Here are pictures of top Italian city views from above. Click on the link to get a bird's eye view from the duomo, clock tower or bell tower.

Pictures of Milan from the Duomo Rooftop

milan duomo pictures, milan cathedral photos
© by James Martin, Europe Travel
Milan's rooftop is my favorite view spot in Italy. Not only do you get fantastic views of Milan but you're right up there with the spires and statues. To get to the duomo rooftop you can climb the stairs or for just a little more, take an elevator.

Pictures of Florence from the Duomo Dome

florence pictures, florence duomo dome pictures
© by Barbara Molini

From the dome of Florence's duomo, Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore, there are magnificent views of the cathedral's interior as well as of Florence. Climbing the 463 steps to the top is well worth the reward.

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Pictures of Venice from the Bell Tower

giudecca island pictures, venice pictures, venice bell tower photos
© by Barbara Molini

For picturesque views of Venice from above, head to Venice's bell tower, or campanile, in Piazza San Marco. An elevator takes visitors to the viewing platform inside the bell tower for spectacular views of Venice. Take a look at Venice spread out below the bell tower.

Pictures of Verona from Lamberti Tower

verona piazza photo, piazza delle erbe photo, lamberti tower photo, verona italy
© by Martha Bakerjian

Verona is famous for the opera festivals in its Roman Arena and as the setting for the story Romeo and Juliet but Verona has a good medieval center and several tourist attractions worth visiting. It's really quite a pretty city as you'll see with these photos taken from the Lamberti Tower in the heart of Verona's medieval center.

Pictures of Cremona from the Clock Tower

cremona picture
© by Martha Bakerjian
Cremona is a beautiful city in northern Italy with most of its sights centered around the Torrazzo, its 13th century clock tower. On the way up the more than 500 steps you'll see some interesting statues and from the top, great views of the city and countryside.

Pictures of Lucca from the Giunigi Tower

lucca picture, guinigia tower, italy, picture
© by Martha Bakerjian
The walled city of Lucca is a top city in Tuscany with several well-preserved medieval towers. Head to Giunigi tower, the one with the tree on top, and climb its 130 stairs for views of Lucca and the hills beyond the city.

Pictures of Monte San Savino from the Clock Tower

© by Martha Bakerjian
Monte San Savino is a small medieval hill town in Tuscany near Cortona. From the top of the Palazzo Pretorio clock tower there are good views of the red tile roofs and the fields beyond.

Naples Views from the Vomero Hill

naples photo
© 2010 by Martha Bakerjian

For great views of Naples head to San Martino Museum and Monastery at the top of Vomero Hill. To get up the hill, take the funicular. You'll see spectacular views of the city of Naples and the Bay.

Siena from the Facciatone Panoramic Terrace

siena picture
© by James Martin
You can climb the Magia Tower in Siena but it's not recommended for those with claustrophobia or fear of heights. Going to the Facciatone Panoramic Terrace is much easier and you still get some pretty great views, including a view of the main square Piazza del Campo.

Where to Go for Views of Rome

Aventine Hill View Photo
Martha Bakerjian

One of my favorite views of Rome is from the Hotel Eden (read review). For good (free) views of the Roman Forum, walk up the Capitoline Hill behind the museums but there are views of monuments from the sides of the museums also (see photo). Other good places I like for views are the high road from above the Spanish Steps toward Piazza del Popolo and the orange garden on the Aventine Hill (shown in the photo which was taken during the Roman Guy Golf Cart Tour).

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