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Basic Italian Words Travelers Should Know - Italy Travel Glossary

Basic Italian words for the traveler. Our Italian Travel Glossary will tell you the words you need to know to function on your Italy vacation. If you've been to Italy before--and thought Uscita was a town near the train station--you need the basic Italian words in our Travel Glossary.

Italian for Travelers to Italy
Here are basic Italian words and phrases to help you get by when you travel in Italy.

Agriturismo - What is Agriturismo?
Agriturismo defined--and a short history of the word and concept of agriturismo.

Autostrada - What is an Italian Autostrada?
Autostrada is a basic Italian word travelers should be familiar with when driving in Italy

Bar - What to Expect at a bar in Italy
Italian bars are different than bars in the US. Here's what to expect from bars in Italy.

Biglietteria - What does Biglietteria Mean in Italian?
Definition of the Itlian word biglietteria, where you can buy a biglietto.

Centro Storico
Definition of Centro Storico and what it means to the traveller to Italy.

Drogheria - What is an Italian Drogheria?
Drogheria defined in our Italy Travel Glossary.

Farmacia - What is an Italian Farmacia
The Italian word Farmacia defined, what you'll find in the farmacia, and where to go for minor medical problems and medications.

Gelateria - What is an Italian Gelateria?
Definition and discussion of the Italian Gelateria, where you can buy the frozen treat Gelato.

Macelleria Defined - How to Shop in an Italian Macelleria
Macelleria in Italy definition, with discussion on what you'll find in an Italian macelleria and how to shop there.

What is a Palio?
What is the definition of the Italian word palio? A palio is not a horserace.

Panificio - Definition of the word Panificio in Italian
What is a panificio? The definition and products one can find in an Italian Panificio are discussed.

La Passeggiata - What is the Italian ritual Passeggiata all about?
La Passeggiata, the art of taking a walk in the evening, is an Italian social ritual that you can participate in.

Pasticceria - What is a Pasticceria in Italy?
Definition of Pasticceria and why a traveler would want to know about the Italian Pasticceria.

Piazza - Definition and Discussion
The Italian Piazza is the center of public life in Italy. Definition and discussion of the Italian word piazza.

Sagra - What is an Italian Sagra?
Sagra. You've seen the signs along Italian highways. Well, if you like food you should stop in the designated place to try a sagra.

Sciopero in Italy - What is a sciopero?
When traveling in Italy, you may see the Italian word sciopero. We define the Italian sciopero.

Tabacchi - What is a Tabacchi in Italy?
Definition of the Italian word tabacchi and what goods can be purchased in a Tabacchi or Sali e Tabacchi in Italy.

Uscita is not a town accessable from every train station in Italy.

Video - Basic Italian Needed to Use Trains in Italy
This video has basic Italian words useful for traveling by train in Italy. You'll hear each word pronounced in Italian and find out what it means.

The Least Italian You Need to Know
In this guest blog by Dianne Hales, Dianne tells travelers the basic Italian words they need on an Italy vacation.

Ancient Rome Glossary - Terms in Ancient Roman History
Find out what all those ancient Roman terms mean with this glossary from our guide to Ancient History.

Becoming Italian Word by Word
Diane Hales' entertaining blog, Becoming Italian Word by Word, takes a look at words in the Italian language.

Italian to English Vocabulary for family documents
Italian to English vocabulary to help with family history documents.

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