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Drogheria - What is an Italian Drogheria?


Drogheria picture massa Italy

Drogheria Caffe Gli Svizzeri in Massa, Italia

James Martin
Definition: A drogheria is an Italian dry-goods store. Often historic, the drogheria is an Italian institution, and may sell specialty food items, canned goods, spices, wine and detergents. (It is not a drug store, as it sounds; medical drugs are purchased in a farmacia.)

The Drogheria Caffe "Gli Svizzeri" is such an insitution in Massa, Italy (see the picture on the right). Like an old country store in the US, you can order a coffee while browsing the specialty foods and wines in the store.

Pop into a Drogheria if you see one. You might find a gift--or at least some fixings for a fine dinner.

Pronunciation: drog er EE a
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