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Pasticceria - The Italian Pastry Shop


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A Zeppole as they make them at my favorite pasticceria in Fivizzano.

James Martin
Definition: La Pasticceria is the Italian pastry shop. You can go early in the morning for a nice pastry (some serve coffee as well--often called a Bar/Pasticceria) or in the afternoon for a sweet.

If you need to buy someone in Italy a gift to repay a small kindness, often a small tray of assorted pastries or biscotti (cookies) from a good Pasticceria may be appropriate.

Pastries are sold by the kilogram if they are small. Ask for un etto, or a tenth of a kilogram, to get about a quarter pound of goodies.

You will sometimes find good Italian ice cream, gelato, in a pasticceria, especially in a smaller town that might not have a gelateria.

Pronunciation: pa stee cher EE a

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