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Italy Travel and Safety Tips

Here are travel and safety tips to help you plan and enjoy your vacation in Italy.

Top 10 Mistakes Tourists Make in Italy
Find out what to avoid doing on your Italian vacation.

ATM Cards in Italy - Getting Euros on your Italian Vacation
ATM cards are the experienced traveler's method of withdrawing cash or changing money in Italy, at an Italian Bancomat.

Budget Travel Tips - How to Save Money on Your Italy Vacation
Find ways to save money on your Italy vacation. Budget travel tips for Rome, Florence, Venice, and Tuscany.

Buying Medications in Italy
How to pack your prescription drugs for traveling to Italy. How to buy medicine in Italy. What to do if you need medication on your Italian vacation.

Cellular Phones for Italy
Having a cellular phone is handy when traveling in Italy. Here is an option for a cellular phone for use in Italy from Cellular Abroad. Here's how to get a cell phone to call Canada or the US from Italy.

How Can I Get Money in Italy?
Find out the best ways to get euro or cash on your Italy vacation.

How to Read and Validate Receipts and Tickets
How to deal with Italian tickets and recepts. Laws governing tickets, ticket validation, and keeping receipts from Italian restaurants and bars.

How to Safeguard Your Money in Italy
While you're unlikely to be a victim of violent crime in Italy, when traveling in tourist areas in big cities like Rome and Florence you may be a target for pickpockets or purse snatchers. Here are safety tips to avoid petty theft.

The Pharmacy in Italy - Farmacia - Handling Minor Medical Emergencies in Italy
Learn about the Italian pharmacy or farmacia and what services it can offer the visitor to Italy with a medical emergency. Italy's pharmacies operate differently than US pharmacies.

Taking Your Pet to Italy
Italy pet travel tips has information about traveling with your dog or cat to Italy. Find out what you need to do to bring your dog or cat to Italy.

Travel Videos for Italy's Top Cities
Here's a selection of short videos with travel tips for visiting top Italian cities including Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Buying the Right GSM Cell Phone for Europe
Europe Travel has information about what kind of cell phone you'll need when you travel in Europe.

Anti-Theft Tips - avoid thefts on vacations
The Family Travel site has important tips to help you avoid theft on your vacation, based on her own personal experience.

Europe Travel Safety
Europe for Visitors has tips for traveling safely in Europe.

Should I Take Cash, Travelers Checks, a Debit Card or a Credit Card
Our senior travel guide outlines the pros and cons of using cash, travelers checks, debit cards, or credit cards for your travels.

Tips for Buying Travel Insurance
Nancy Parode, Senior Travel, answers the question, "How can I find cheap travel insurance?" She has good tips for what to look for when you buy travel insurance.

Voting in US Elections from Italy
About.com's UK guide has information about how to request an absentee ballot so you can vote in US elections while traveling or living in Italy.

Beach Tips
Find tips for going to the beach in Italy and what to expect at Italian beaches.

Italy Rail Passes | Italian Eurail Passes
Is a Eurail pass a good idea for traveling by train in Italy? James Martin, Wandering Italy, looks at the cost effectiveness of Italian Eurail passes and gives tips about traveling with a rail pass in Italy.

MasterCard Global ATM Locator
Find ATMs in Italy and anywhere in the world with MasterCard's Global ATM Locator.

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